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Shadow of War Mirian farming - how to earn money and Shadow of War's currency fast

Every way you can earn Shadow of War's in-game currency explained.

Mirian is the name of Shadow of War's currency, and is the main resource you'll be earning alongside XP as you play through the game.

It's purpose is fairly minor during your main playthrough, but as you get to the endgame and have to repel multiple attacks on your fortresses it'll become far more central to your planning.

Here on this page, then, we'll be explaining exactly how to farm Mirian in Shadow of War, including a list of all the general ways you can earn it in-game. If you're looking for more on Shadow of War in general though, head over to our main Shadow of War walkthrough and guide hub.

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Shadow of War Mirian farming - how to earn Mirian in Shadow of War

Sadly there's no one definitive way to grind Mirian rapidly compared to any other - instead, similarly to with earning Shadow of War XP, you're going to earn it by playing through the game normally, with a few minor ways of speeding things up.

With that in mind, here are all of the ways you can farm Mirian in-game, along with our advice for doing it as quickly as possible.

Play Quests

That's right, playing through your standard quests - as covered in our Shadow of War walkthrough - is probably the fastest way to earn Mirian while you still have any left to complete.

You'll get anything between a few hundred and over a thousand Miriam per quest, depending on how far you are through the story, plus there's the additional amount you'll earn for completing the Bonus Objectives along the way - look out for these in the HUD just under the main quest objective, in the corner of your screen.

Bonus objectives normally involve picking off a certain number of enemies in a certain way, which is easily done and can earn you several hundred more for your effort.

Complete 'Maggot' and 'Warrior' Fight Pit missions

A region's Fight Pit unlocks after you've captured its respective fortress - the Núrnen pit after completing The Etten, for example - and with it come three tiers of challenges.

The first is Maggot, which has a one-off reward of a Skill Point for completing it by sending one of your orcs there to battle. The second tier, which unlocks after completing the Maggot-tier challenge, is Warrior, and this one has a one-off reward of 1,500 to 5,000 Mirian, depending on the region.

To be clear, one-off means one-off - you get that reward only once per region, but it's a hefty chunk of Mirian, the equivalent of about two to eight main Quests' worth, so it's worth taking the time out to complete those first two tiers of combat trial for your Followers!

Kill Mirian orcs when you see them

You'll quite frequently see a special type of orc in Mordor as you roam around the map, which has a white icon above its head and appears as a white arrow, rather than red, on your mini map.

Killing these types of orcs causes them to drop a reward, in the form of either Mirian or a Gem (used for upgrading your weapons and gear).

Most of the time, they'll drop 50 Mirian, which is fairly measly, but on the rare occasion they'll drop 1,000 Mirian, making it worth your time to always pick them off when you see them. Make it a rule of thumb to always do that, and the rewards will quickly stack up over time.

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Destroy any unwanted gear

Finally, it's worth noting that any unused gear you have sitting in your inventory is merely a pile of Mirian going to waste.

There's no use for old, low-level gear (aside from Legendary gear that is), so if you know you're not going to swap back to that old piece of armour or weaponry, simply destroy it for anything between 100 and 800 Mirian a pop.

Just note that you'll want to keep a fairly high-level sword spare though, as occasionally you'll find an enemy who, when defeating you, might just snap your blade in half, too.

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