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Shadow of the Tomb Raider gets some extremely murder-y new gameplay footage

Steady on there.

As part of its E3 showcase, Square Enix has offered a new glimpse at Shadow of the Tomb Raider in action - and things are getting pretty murder-y in the jungle.

It's an extremely brutal seven minutes of footage, starting off with Lara perched high in the branches of the jungle canopy, surveying the route ahead. What then transpires is a lengthy sequence of stealth in which Miss Croft brutally dispatches everyone in her path using a quite astonishing variety of murder-tools.

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There are crossbows to the head, knifes to the chest (and quite possibly forehead), extremely solid-looking bits of machinery to the face, and molotov cocktails consuming everything and everyone in their path, as horrified screams float up from the jungle floor. It's pretty bleak.

The video also sees Shadow of the Tomb Raider game Director Daniel Chayer-Bisson offering a few more details on the things you'll encounter as Lara massacres her way toward stopping a Mayan apocalypse. There are new traversal techniques - including grappling, wall-running, and 360-degree underwater swimming - and "one of the biggest hubs ever created in any Tomb Raider game", set in a lavish hidden city.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider comes to Xbox One, PS4, and PC on September 14th - and you can read Wes' early thoughts on the experience elsewhere.

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