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SEGA's 15th-anniversary Yakuza event will include details of "future developments"

Voice actors Takaya Kuroda and Kazuhiro Nakaya will also join the livestream.

SEGA will hold a special anniversary event to mark the 15th anniversary of the Yakuza series next month.

In a Japanese-language announcement shared on the publisher's social media channels, SEGA announced that a "live broadcast program commemorating the 15th anniversary of Yakuza" will go live on 8th December with voice talent Takaya Kuroda and Kazuhiro Nakaya as guests.

The livestream - scheduled to run at 11am UK time - will not only "look back on the history of 15 years", but it will also "announce future developments" (thanks, PCGN).

SEGA didn't expand on what those future developments might be, but with just a few weeks to go until the big day, there's not too long to wait.

Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio producer Daisuke Sato recently hinted that he'd "like to get involved" with a Sonic the Hedgehog game "once at least" in his career.

In an interview celebrating 60 years of SEGA, Sato was asked what SEGA IP he would most like to get his hands on. It's not an easy question given the breadth of SEGA's back catalogue, but Sato went straight to the company's tentpole franchise and mascot - Sonic.

"Yakuza: Like a Dragon is a good game - sometimes it's okay, sometimes it's great, sometimes it made me groan," Malindy concluded in her Yakuza: Like a Dragon review. "It runs the full gamut of emotions, from boredom to disbelief. The will to reinvent itself is there, and that means not everything works - whether you'll enjoy it or not depends on what aspects you care about the most."

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