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SEGA shows two new Wii games

Let's Tap and 428, both strange.

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SEGA secretly unveiled two new Wii games during the Nintendo conference yesterday.

Let's Tap, the first of these, is being made by Sonic creator Yuji Naka. Apparently he said "even penguins can play" (thanks Joystiq), which presumably has something to do with the face-down Wiimote pictured on the official website. And not, let's say, something to do with fish. Or snow.

Let's Tap appears after Samba de Amigo and before Cooking Mama 2 towards the beginning of the Wii showreel aired yesterday.

The levels on display show three little men competing in some kind of race across a blocky and simplified level, with fireworks going off in the background.

There's also a batch of coloured balls on a different stage, where the aim appears to be collecting them into containers. Judging by the first screenshots, there are plenty more tasks to get stuck into as well. Let's Tap is due out on 4th December in Japan.

The other game on show was 428, a weird game that appears to be based on real-life photos of city folk with Japanese text then scribbled across the top. 428 appears earlier than Let's Tap in the Wii showreel - just after Tatsunoko vs. Capcom (the one with Ryu) and before Samba de Amigo.

428 is due out in December in Japan.

SEGA Europe had no further comment on the games.

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