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SEGA Rally for PSP

New developer roped in.

SEGA has confirmed the new version of its filthy rally series will also be heading to PSP this September.

But unlike the next-generation versions it won't be developed in-house by SEGA Racing Studios. Instead it's FlatOut team Bugbear doing the honours, although apparently there will be little difference.

"Essentially it will have the same environments and cars as the version made at SEGA Racing Studios. And although it won't have fully deformable surfaces, it will have surface variations that effect handling, like driving over skid-marks created by other vehicles," a spokesperson for SEGA told Eurogamer.

"SEGA Racing Studio was set-up to make the most of the next-generation of technology using new and existing IP. We felt Bugbear's great technology and experience ticked all the right boxes to handle a PSP version of the new SEGA Rally."

You'll be able to race around picturesque rural locations both on your own, and against your friends in Wi-Fi multiplayer. SEGA insists none of the arcade charm will be lost on the PSP, thanks to its meaty screen size.

We strapped Dave McCarthy in for a test drive of SEGA Rally in April, and he emerged with glowing reports. "Watching SEGA Rally in action is an exhilarating and uplifting experience. And that, really, is pretty much the arcade essence of the 12-year-old original," he beamed.

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