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Sea of Thieves is currently running a slightly mind-boggling array of limited-time events

Get new emotes, cosmetics, and more.

Sea of Thieves has finally cast off the shackles of Windows Store exclusivity on PC and is now available on Steam - and to usher in this new era of piracy on the seas, Rare is currently running a slightly unwieldy array of special events and limited-time challenges.

Event number one actually kicked off yesterday, and promises a new cosmetic treat - including emotes, ship parts, and items - every day for the next two weeks. All you need do each day is watch a partnered Sea of Thieves Twitch streamer complete a Daily Bounty or simply view their stream for 30 minutes, and you'll get a new reward.

Yesterday gave away the Mutinous Fist Wheel ship cosmetic, and the Mystical Divination Emote is still up for grabs today - and you can see what's new each morning over on Sea of Thieves' Twitch Drops page. The event, incidentally, comes to a close at 10am in the UK on 17th June.

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In addition to Sea of Thieves's Twitch tie-in, Rare is running a Tall Tales Retold event between now and 11.59pm on 9th June. This enables pirates to earn special rewards beyond those normally available for completing (or revisiting, if you've done them before) existing Tall Tales.

Completing The Shroudbreaker Tall Tale will unlock the Rising Morningstar Crew Jacket, Crew Gloves, Trousers, and Belt; completing Revenge of the Morningstar will reward the Rising Morningstar Dress Jacket, Dress Hat, Captain Gloves, and Boots; finally, completing The Seabound Soul will provide the Rising Morningstar Dress, Hook, Pegleg, and Battle Hat.

And that's still not it! There are three Reaper's Rewards challenges taking place until 11.59pm on 8th June, each offering unique prizes. Handing in three Reaper's Bounties to the Reaper's Bones representative at the Reaper's Hideout will earn players the Mask of Union emote, handing in three Reaper's Chests will unlock the Join Us emote, and handing in 10 Reaper's Bones Emissary flags will reward two additional emotes.

Then, there's the Hunter's Haul event which is happening right now and runs until 17th June at 11.59pm. Those willing to put in the time to catch a not-inconsiderable 300 Ruby Splashtails (which it looks like you'll need to do all by yourself as crew catches apparently aren't tallied collectively) will earn 150 Ancient Coins to spend in the premium Pirate Emporium store.

And if that's still not enough to be getting on with, there are the new Daily Bounties, providing pirates with doubloons and gold for completing bite-sized tasks. Daily Bounties, incidentally, will refresh each day at 12.59am.

Rounding off the current roster of high seas shenanigans, then, are two new Regular Events, offering boosted rewards for completing specific activities on certain days. Each day at 6pm-7pm and 2am-3am in the UK, all loot cashed in will be slapped with a 1.5x multiplier as part of Rare's Gold Rush event, and the wonderfully named Fort Nights, which runs every Friday from 7pm-7am in the UK, will provide bonus rewards for those players managing to turn in Stronghold items taken from Skeleton Forts.

At present, additional details and progress tallies for all of this stuff aren't available in-game, but can be found over on Sea of Thieves' new event hub website.