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Sea of Thieves gets an inspired Day One Patch

Oh eye see.

Jolly pirating game Sea of Thieves will get a Day One Patch - an, wait for it, eyepatch!

It was an opportunity for a joke British developer Rare could not miss, said a Reddit member named Jefabell in a post nearly three weeks ago - and it appears to have caught Rare's eye.

Spotted in the Sea of Thieves clothes shop ahead of tomorrow's launch was a Day One Patch with the number one emblazoned onto it. "A message in a bottle from Jolly Jefabell washed ashore," the item's description reads. "Eye patch makers read it and said 'aye'."

It's the latest example of Rare enjoying and encouraging the community springing up around Sea of Thieves. We've already seen Rare immortalise some odd player achievements in Sea of Thieves, such as drinking record-breaking amounts of grog and or fatally falling from the Crow's Nest the most times.

Microsoft also shot someone out of a cannon and broke a world record in the name of Sea of Thieves.

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How long the jollity remains as players flood into Sea of Thieves, we'll wait and see. Nevertheless, it's a fascinating time for a rejuvenated Rare, which hopes to be working on Sea of Thieves for many years to come.