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Sea of Thieves' first proper content update, The Hungering Deep, gets a teaser trailer

Coming to PC and Xbox One at the end of May.

Rare has unveiled a teaser trailer for The Hungering Deep, Sea of Thieves' first proper content update, which is due to launch on Xbox One and PC on May 29th.

The Hungering Deep has previously been described by Rare as a "medium-sized" update for its multiplayer piratical escapade, and is the first of six content expansions scheduled to arrive this year. It's set to bring a new enemy AI threat, plus new tools, mechanics, and rewards, but will be a little smaller in scale compared to 2018's other updates, which includes this summer's Cursed Sails and Foresaken Shores.

Cover image for YouTube videoOfficial Sea of Thieves: The Hungering Deep Teaser Trailer

Rare's newest trailer is a little light on actual details, merely hinting at things to come, and takes the form of a tall tale told by "grizzled old soul Merrick" - the pirate whose portrait recently appeared in the ship wreck found on the uncharted island at map coordinates L14.

Merrick speaks of "great terrors from the deep" worshipped by ancient tribes, who would "offer a sacrifice and, in return, were allowed to sale the seas undisturbed". Now, he says, stories are surfacing of ships disappearing and sightings of something "impossible" on the ocean.

It's not a lot to go on if you were hoping for more in the way of specifics, but heavily implies that brave pirates will soon encounter a previously unseen ancient nautical horror. As for what form might this take, the trailer features several hints of a giant, shark-like beast - and it's hard not to notice the shark jaw tattoo emblazoned on Merrick's chest.

Then, of course, there's this new header image on the Sea of Thieves official Twitter page, which appeared following the teaser trailer's reveal. And if that's a glimpse of what we'll be dealing with come The Hungering Deep, well then it's blimmin' huge.

A closer viewing of the trailer also appears to hint at the ability to summon the new creature with the help of another vessel, possibly using a new drum instrument (the eventual arrival of which Rare has previously confirmed). That could tie into the developer's earlier comments that The Hungering Deep's AI threat would require crews "to work together to discover and defeat". And might we be getting a bit more wildlife in the form of crabs scuttling about too?

We'll likely get a few more teases, possibly in-game, before Sea of Thieves' The Hungering Deep update launches on PC and Xbox One on May 29th.