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Sci-fi action-RPG Mars unveiled

By Silverfall dev for PS3, 360, PC.

Freshly-formed developer Spiders has unveiled a science fiction action-RPG called Mars for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Due out next year, the game explores a non-traditional fantasy land set on that dusty red rock that keeps breaking our robot probes. There are no robots at first glance here, though - just heroes Seth and Pandora.

They come from different backgrounds and have different skills. Seth's an ex-soldier and likes pummelling things, while Pandora uses magic called technomancy. They're on a journey to find their identity and a future on this post-apocalyptic planet, where even the reflection of the sun can become a weapon.

Spiders was formed by the creators of Silverfall, a traditional and decent fantasy action-RPG released in 2007.

Head over to our Mars gallery for the first batch of screenshots.