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SAW game in works

Film-dedicated developer created.

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Brash Entertainment has recently revealed itself as a publisher that will focus solely on creating film licences.

It's backed and co-founded by Legendary Pictures boss Thomas Tull, who's helped the newcomer raise more than USD 400 million to get it off the ground.

The studio itself will be made up of experienced producers, writers and designers, who will hand pick and work with selected developers to create games based on movies.

Brash Entertainment's website claims it has more than 40 major licences from partnerships with five meaty film studios, and that 12 games are currently being worked on. Of these, only production on a SAW title is confirmed, although an adaptation of action flick 300 is a strong candidate, given that Legendary Pictures made it.

"Brash is founded on the simple premise that top Hollywood creativity plus top game talent should equal great games," said Mitch Davis, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Brash. "We are laser focused on delivering high-quality games. The other aspects of our business are left to the experts - best of breed partners we've tapped for their specific expertise."

No platforms or dates have yet been concreted.

Head over to the Brash Entertainment website for more information.

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