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Save big on this entry-level Acer gaming laptop bundle from Amazon

An RTX 3050 laptop with a headset and mouse.

If you're in the market for a gaming laptop, there's plenty of choices right now. And if you're looking to upgrade an old device or thinking of taking a leap for the first time, this Acer Nitro 5 bundle is a great deal.

It packs some great specs and even comes with a gaming headset, mouse and mouse mat, all for just £679.99 from Amazon. Its CPU is an 11th gen Intel Core i5, capable of speeding through intense tasks or juggling multiple apps at the same time. It'll also keep up with any high-speed games you're playing, like online shooters, thanks to the fast 144Hz HD display.

The GPU is an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050. Of course, this won't let you hook up to an external 4K display and play games at ultra settings. But high settings on the built-in 1080p display is completely fine, making this a great, capable chip while keeping the cost very affordable. There's also 8GB of memory and 512GB storage. This is a great starting option and will be enough for a while, and you can always bump up both the RAM and storage later down the line.

Port selection is great too, with USB 3 ports, an HDMI for hooking up a monitor or a TV, and even gigabit ethernet, so you can be sure your connection is stable during multiplayer gaming sessions or making video calls with your friends. This exclusive bundle with the included headset, mouse and mouse mat lets you get started immediately, while also saving you money on some of these much needed extras.

If you prefer a different vendor, AO are selling the same laptop for £699, as is Scan for a penny less. Although these don't come with the additional accessories, it's still a £100 saving off the standard price.

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