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Russian Fallout 2 mod Olympus 2207 finally gets an English translation

It's tsar bomba.

Is your Russian feeling a little rusty? Not to worry, as an English translation for Fallout 2 mod Olympus 2207 has finally been released - so you can put the Russian dictionary down for now.

Olympus 2207 is a huge total conversion mod for Fallout 2 that was released back in December 2014, and at long last, it now has an official English translation (courtesy of Keyboard Gecko). Mod team Nebesa Games used Fallout 2's engine and basic mechanics to create a new story that's unconnected to the Fallout series: it adapts features like Fallout 2's skills and perks system, but adds new graphics, additional gameplay mechanics, and - of course - a bunch of new stories and quests. There's even a crafting system, a mini-game for hacking electronic panels, and a flexible structure with no main quest. "Do you want to become the tyrant of Radius, or do you want to improve the lives of everyone in it?," the official mod page explains. "The choice is yours!"

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As explained in the lore section of the mod's website, the game takes place in the year 2207 in the Silicon Valley region of the US. The Great War of 2013 created an irradiated wasteland, and while some managed to escape into improvised shelters (or a luxurious vault called Livos), many had to "adapt to the new conditions on the evolutionary, genetic level". Sounds rough. Anyway, some lucky survivors found themselves inside a skyscraper called Olympus when this all went down. The game centres on this skyscraper, which everyone in the wasteland seems desperate to enter: it promises energy with its solar panels and protection from the horrors outside. If you can get past the guards at the bottom, however.

As for the quality of the translation, it seems to generally be pretty decent - I dipped my toe into the mod and found that while some sentences didn't sound entirely natural in English, you could still understand their meaning. The mod's also pretty easy to install: simply download and unzip the file to access the game set-up window and load the game. (It's worth noting that Olympus 2207 will overwrite your Fallout 2 game files when it installs, so make sure to back up any saves before you hit that install button.)

And if all this appeals to you, the good news is that the developers are working on a sequel: named Olympus 2249, the second instalment will introduce a "new protagonist, a new region, and new events." It was first announced back in 2017, but the developers still feel it's too early to reveal a release date for the sequel. For the time being the first game should provide plenty of entertainment, however, and you can find the download for Olympus 2207 over here.

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