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RuneFest tickets on sale on Saturday

August fan event costs £80 to attend.

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Jagex has announced that tickets for inaugural RuneScape fan convention RuneFest 2010 will go on sale on Saturday at 10am BST.

However, anybody who pre-registered for tickets on the RuneFest website can buy a pass tomorrow from 10am.

Tickets cost £79.75 and can be grabbed on Ticketmaster.

RuneFest will be held on Saturday, 28th August at a "very exciting central London venue" that is still under wraps. RuneScape-themed areas will offer live role-playing, ogre-wrestling and archery ("to name a few"), and there will be live events and sessions lead by the makers of the game. Fans will also have a chance to win goodies in various competitions.

There's no word on dressing-up, so probably pop the old robe and wizard hat on anyway.

Oh please be there.

"The team is absolutely electric with enthusiasm for this event," bubbled Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard. "We've always wanted to do a fan celebration for our players, but crucially not just any old player convention - we insisted that it would be something that was not only different from tired conventions, but an intimate, memorable and naturally incredibly fun, festive fan celebration.

"This is certainly going to be a landmark event and one of the best parties we've ever had!"

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