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Romero and Wilson spat gets dirty

Round three and personal.

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Quake co-creator John Romero has bitten back at Mike Wilson for the open letter attacking his personal life.

"Mr. Wilson needed to email Kotaku a nice long letter to recount his version of events at Ion Storm and slam my personal life - way to go Mike! Media manipulation at its saddest," snapped Romero on his blog. "It's analogous to a crotch shot of Britney in Hollywood's media circus."

It's the latest dig in an argument begun by Romero when he brought ex-Ion Storm colleague Wilson's working practices into question.

"Once again, just like with Godgames, Wilson is taking all the credit away from the indie devs and pasting his asinine logo everywhere," he claimed.

"People are now starting to get a clue about how Mr. Wilson operates. Hey everyone, he hasn't changed in over 10 years - these are the kinds of jackass stunts he pulled at Ion Storm."

But Mike Wilson was keen to set the records straight by responding in an open letter, reminding the public that there are two sides to every argument.

"While I am not at all interested in reliving those [Ion Storm] days, I will also not allow you to rewrite the history of it all, more to your liking and to my public detriment, and I will in no way take the rap for what you did (or didn't do) with your dream company," replied Wilson in his open letter on Kotaku.

Wilson goes on to dispute each of Romero's points, claiming he was never showered in money and self congratulation like others, and when he tried to save a sinking ship he was slung out of the door - thankfully, says Wilson, to greener pastures.

However, when the subject of Wilson's supposed wild party life was touched upon, he had less kind things to say.

"You should maybe try the partying, since your unparalleled work ethic and strong character has (just in the time I've known you) left only a bloody trail of ex-wives, fatherless kids, and ill advised breast implants strewn across this fair nation, even before you flew all the way to Romania for your latest wife."

And so things stand, with Romero keen for Wilson to do the talking through Gamecock's release schedule, which has so far amounted to 3/10 for sketchy action MMOG Fury.

Wilson is in London this week promoting his 2007-founded indie game publisher. Expect Round Four soon.

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