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Roller Champions release delayed to "late spring"

May or Aprwheel?

Ubisoft has now set a "late spring" release window for Roller Champions, its long-in-development team-based skating game that's a bit like Rocket League.

The game had been expected sometime in early 2022 following several rounds of alpha and beta testing over the years since its announcement back in 2019.

Now, however, Ubisoft has said it still needed a bit more time.

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"After evaluating every possible scenario, the team has concluded that they will need a bit more time to deliver the successful game you deserve," Ubisoft said in a statement to beta testers via Discord.

"We are hard at work for the wait to be worth your confidence in Roller Champions as the game is getting closer to launch every day."

Roller Champions is set to launch on PC, PlayStation, Switch and Xbox.

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