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Rock Band 4 partners with PDP as co-publisher

New peripherals due this autumn.

Rock Band 4 developer Harmonix is now working with video game peripheral creator PDP as its new co-publisher. Previously the music game studio was collaborating with Mad Catz.

According to an FAQ about the partnership, PDP's new peripherals won't ship until autumn. But don't worry if you're using Mad Catz instruments as those will still work and the old publisher will continue to peddle its wares and provide support for its brand of plastic instruments. It will even support further firmware updates down the road.

"Harmonix and Mad Catz are continuing to work together," the developer stated. "Mad Catz has been an important partner, and they continue to sell and support controllers for Rock Band 4."

When asked if PDP will sell a new guitar or drum kit, Harmonix simply said that further details will be announced at PAX East and E3.

Harmonix was quick to clarify that this new partnership is not for a new Rock Band game, but rather for "the ongoing development of Rock Band 4."

Harmonix is currently trying to crowdfund a PC version of Rock Band 4 on Fig. It's reached about a quarter of its $1.5m goal after a week and has until 5th April to make the rest.

When asked if Mad Catz instruments would work with the PC version, Harmonix replied "PS4 instruments will work as long as your PC has Bluetooth! Xbox One instruments will likely work as well, but we need to work with Microsoft to ensure they function correctly."

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