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Robin tells Batman to do one in Injustice 2 gameplay

"I'm your only son, old man."

NetherRealm has released Injustice 2 gameplay showing off playable character Robin.

Injustice 2's Robin is Damian Wayne, a DC Universe superhero and son of Batman.

In the video, Robin faces Batman, who says: "I can't forgive the deaths."

"I'm your only son, old man," Robin retorts.

"Dick was my son, too!"

It's hardly War and Peace, but it's cool to see Bruce and Damian have a bit of a barney before they get stuck in.

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In Injustice 2, Robin slices and dices with his sword, chucks out multiple shurikens and smashes smoke bombs into the ground. One move sees Robin set a marker for where he will teleport to: conveniently right behind his opponent.