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Revengeance DLC will let you play as Jetstream Sam and a robot dog

Also adds a wooden sword infused with Snake's voice.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance developer Platinum Games outlined some of its upcoming DLC on its official website (as translated by Metal Gear Solid TV).

Revengeance already has an unloackable wooden sword, but it doesn't have Snake's voice. It also can't cut anything.

The first DLC is the already announced 30 VR missions, which will evidently also add a wooden sword infused with the soul of Solid Snake that will emanate sounds of the aging hero's voice. There will also be a VR mission where you control a tri-armed dwarf gekko droid as well as a side-scrolling level where you'll have to fight unarmed.

Next up, is an add-on where you'll play as Raiden's nemesis and Vamp-lookalike Jetstream Sam. It's unclear if his missions will be story-based DLC or some kind of challenge maps. Based on the two pics provided - below - they don't appear to be set in a bright yellow VR simulation and it looks like you'll be taking on a Metal Gear Ray at some point. We've asked Konami for more clarification about this expansion and are awaiting reply.

Finally, and most excitingly, the third chunk of DLC will allow you to play as robot dog LQ-84i. Again, we're not sure if this is story-based or not and we've sent in a query to Konami.

The first DLC will be available in Japan in April where it will cost ¥300 (about £2). It will be a PS3-exclusive in North America and available on Xbox 360 as well in both Europe and Japan. There's no word on whether the other DLC will make it to the west, but we're looking into it and I can't imagine that it wouldn't. Especially as Revengeance was the second best-selling game in the UK this week.

Sam faces off against Metal Gear Ray. But will there be any new bosses?
I totally beat this game on its hardest difficult this weekend. Now S-ranking it is another matter.