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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Return to Ultima Online for free

EA celebrates 10th anniversary.

EA has celebrated a decade of Ultima Online by inviting back those of you who have subscribed to the game at some point in the past.

You will be treated to nearly two full weeks of free gaming (ending 9th October), where you can enjoy the recent graphical overhaul of Kingdom Reborn.

EA will also give you a fancy Wand of Fireworks to mess up the sky with, as well as 10 Décor Tokens to, er, hang on a cow or throw at a rabbit or something.

The rest of the celebratory period will give you a chance to complete the full Virtue Armour set, get your hands on commemorative pieces like an Ankh Necklace and Map of Britannia, or swish around historical weapons owned by notable figures in the Ultima Online history. Other fun and valuable gifts will make the list at a later date.

Ultima Online launched back in 1997, and was one of the first titles to popularise the massively-multiplayer online role-playing genre. Most recently the Kingdom Reborn overhaul added a modern feel to the classic title, which still had enough charm in the tank to impress us.

Head over to the official website to download the client and rejoin the world, and see for yourself what has made Ultima Online last such a long time.