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Retro City Rampage due on WiiWare next week

Includes bonus ROM City Rampage prototype.

8-bit Grand Theft Auto demake Retro City Rampage will finally be released on Wii next week, priced 1000 Wii Points (about £7/€10).

It'll hit the Wii Shop Channel in Europe and North America on February 28th.

A Wii U release has yet to be announced, although you can, of course, play the game on Wii U via access to the Wii Shop Channel.

Keeping the retro-theme, the game includes support for the Wii Remote, Classic Controller and GameCube controller.

Also included is new bonus content ROM City Rampage. It'll allow you to experience what the game could have been like if it were released in the '80s as a NES game.

The game's PC version will also get ROM City Rampage via a free update.

"It's an adventure built of other adventures, and its originality comes from the manner in which everything comes together," Chris Donlan wrote in Eurogamer's 8/10 Retro City Rampage review. "If you love old games - and old movies and all that other old jazz - there's a good chance you're going to love this, too."

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