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Resistance goes global tomorrow

With new maps to buy too.

Global servers for Resistance: Fall of Man will go online tomorrow evening, bringing European, American and Japanese players together for the first time.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe explained this morning that Resistance servers will be down between 2am and 6pm BST tomorrow while they are updated.

Also debuting tomorrow are two new maps, which will be sold as "Map Pack 1", both through the PS3 Store and in-game, for GBP 2.99.

The maps are Westmorland (a snowy sniper's paradise, by the sound of it) and Camborn. Click the words to be whisked off to a screenshot for each.

They join a range of new features introduced since the game launched in the US last November and here on 23rd March.

You can read more about what's happened to Resistance since launch, along with our reviews, on the Resistance: Fall of Man PS3 gamepage.