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Resistance 2 at 720p, 30fps

But no word on an install.

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Insomniac Games' President and CEO Ted Price has said that Resistance 2 is targeting "720p, 30fps" as its resolution and frame-rate.

Price was answering a question from Eurogamer reader ps3owner in our live interview earlier, but he was unable to help senso-ji with his query about whether R2 would need a mandatory install.

"Too early to answer that one," he said. "We're still finishing up the content for the game. That's a question we'll be able to answer as we get closer to launch."

polymorph then followed up by asking for Price's views on installs. "Installs in some form or another are pretty standard for PS3 games these days," Price said.

"And I think for consumers it's a good thing because it generally decreases load times. Or at least it should. Personally, I'd rather have a several-minute install the first time I play a game and then enjoy the benefits of faster loads every time I play the game after that."

Speaking of load times, Resistance 2 won't have a single loading screen. "We do have streaming of textures and other assets now. Not only does this improve the overall look but it cuts down on load times. In fact, you shouldn't notice any loading screens in R2," Price told Darren.

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