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Resident Evil: Death Island release date announced

A bite to remember.

Capcom and Sony Pictures have announced when CGI movie Resident Evil: Death Island will be out.

The upcoming animated film was announced in February. It's a big deal for fans, as it'll mark the first time favourite characters such as Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine are on-screen together.

The pair, as well as returning protagonists Rebecca Chambers, Chris and Claire Redfield, are brought together when investigating a number of bioweapon-related cases.

The latest trailer for Resident Evil: Death Island.Watch on YouTube

This leads the crew to Alcatraz Island, bringing us one of my favourite outfits that Chris Redfield has ever worn - his funky Aloha shirt.

This is second to Sailor Chris only, in my opinion.

Death Island will be available on 4K UHD, Bluray, DVD, and digital on 25th July.

Hopefully, this is the first of many announcements for Resident Evil fans. With Capcom Showcase confirmed for next week, we'll be crossing our fingers for Separate Ways (or maybe even some Code Veronica?).

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