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Here's Leon and Jill on-screen together for first time in Resident Evil Death Island trailer

Under the same Umbrella.

Back in February, a new Resident Evil animated film was revealed called Death Island that teased the inclusion of series favourites Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine.

Now, a new trailer shows them on-screen together for the first time in Resident Evil history.

The trailer also features Chris and Claire Redfield, Rebecca Chambers, and a whole load of zombies. Check it out below.

Resident Evil: Death Island trailerWatch on YouTube

Across all the games and films, we've seen various characters appear in different combinations.

Now, the whole gang's together. Look, here they are! It's a Jill sandwich!

Resident Evil characters Chris, Jill, Rebecca, Claire, and Leon
Chris, Jill, Rebecca, Claire, and Leon

The story will see them visit Alcatraz, seemingly the source of a new outbreak of the T-Virus.

Death Island will be distributed by Sony Pictures and will follow the Netflix animated mini-series Infinite Darkness from 2021.

It's certainly a good time for Resident Evil fans, driven by the success of Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Oh and here's a shorter trailer for Death Island too.

Resident Evil: Death Island trailer (shorter)Watch on YouTube

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