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Resident Evil 4 demo now has a bulging sack of mods

Let me see that thong.

The main game isn't even out yet, but the demo for Resident Evil 4 remake has a whole load of mods available on PC.

Victoria already shared a few earlier this week, including a shirtless Leon, a banana for a gun, and a VR mod.

Just a few days later, there are plenty more available for players wanting to be scared, amused, or get a little more thirsty.

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First up is this frankly terrifying baby head mod from JTeghius Kittius, that gives Leon the head of Rose the baby from Resident Evil Village. It follows a similar mod for Chris Redfield. I absolutely hate it. Those eyes have certainly seen things.

Resident Evil 4 baby mod staring
This is absolute nightmare fuel.

For something a little (read: a lot) more revealing, here's Leon in a thong. No comment, to be honest.

Resident Evil 4 thong mod
Oh my.

Finished gawping? Good, let's move on.

There are lots of mods that change the lead character. Perhaps you'd like to play as CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? Or maybe you'd rather play as a legendary film star: here are Keanu Reeves and Mark Hamill.

Resident Evil 4 Mark Hamill mod
Use the Force, Leon.

And here's a mod that gender swaps Leon, so you can play as a female protagonist instead.

Resident Evil 4 female Leon mod
A fierce Leoness.

For Devil May Cry fans, you can swap out Leon for both Dante or Vergil from the fifth game. I wonder if Leon is a fan of pizza?

Resident Evil 4 Dante mod
Looking SSStylish.

This mod expands the village to add more exploration, though I fear this won't be necessary once the full game is released.

And lastly, something truly frightening: Shrek as the chainsaw man. That'll do, Leon. That'll do.

Resident Evil 4 Shrek mod
Have you heard about the Muffin Man?!

For more on Resident Evil 4 Remake, check out Aoife's Recommended review: "this is about as good as remakes get".

I certainly look forward to these mods being implemented in the full game, out next Friday.

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