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Resident Evil 4 "Baby Eagle Is Missing" ARG website appears online

A man of many talons.

The Resident Evil 4 remake is set to release in just a few short weeks (24th March, to be precise). Ahead of this launch, a mysterious new ARG website has appeared online.

An ARG is an augmented reality game, and this one in particular covers the events just before Resident Evil 4 begins. It serves as a little bite size prequel, if you will.

Known as "Baby Eagle Is Missing", this ARG tasks players with solving a handful of puzzles that will help locate the US President's daughter, Ashley Graham (who is codenamed "Baby Eagle").

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On booting up the ARG, players will be greeted by Agent Greene of the Secret Service Northeastern Division. Greene and their fellow agents will then present a selection of crime scene evidence for players to figure out.

I had a little play around with the ARG myself - this is the kind of marketing I really enjoy - and I have to say one of the puzzles in particular was a real head scratcher (don't worry, I won't give anything away).

If you are a fellow puzzle game fan, I would recommend having a quick shot with your afternoon cup of tea - here's the link, if you are interested.

Don't get in a flap, Baby Eagle!

As for what it all means, it could just be a stand-alone marketing beat from the remake's developer. However, given that Capcom has a digital event scheduled for later this week, I am hopeful this may lead us nicely into a demo (something that has been previously promised) of Leon entering Resident Evil 4's village.

Capcom Spotlight, as this upcoming event is known, will stream via Twitch and YouTube on Thursday, 9th March from 2:30pm PT. That's 10:30pm GMT.

The show is expected to last about 26 minutes, with Capcom stating it will cover upcoming releases Exoprimal, Monster Hunter Rise, Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection and Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, in addition to Resident Evil 4.