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Red Dead's Liars and Cheats Pack dated

Additional horse business.

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Rockstar has announced that promised Liars and Cheats Pack for Red Dead Redemption will be released for PS3 and Xbox 360 on 21st September.

Liars and Cheats is set to cost £7.99 on PlayStation Network and 800 Microsoft Points (£6.80 / €9.60) on Xbox Live Marketplace.

Rockstar also said that Liars and Cheats would now incorporate content originally due to be released as the Free Roam Pack.

The latter was meant to be free, but is now a bigger, premium pack "due to the platform networks' restrictions on numbers of free packs we can give away".

Anyway, Liars and Cheats has a new competitive multiplayer mode called Stronghold, where players take turns in attack and defence.

It also has multiplayer horse races, multiplayer poker and Liar's Dice, an "explosive rifle", seven new gang hideouts and four new Hunting Grounds.

But wait, there's more - 15 of the characters from the story mode will be made available as multiplayer character skins.

Oh, and there will be new Achievements and Trophies to earn to go with the various additions detailed above.

Red Dead hasn't been short of DLC so far. Just after release we had the Outlaws to the End co-op expansion, and since then we've also had the Legends and Killers Pack.

Still to come is the Undead Nightmare Pack, a new single-player adventure in which "ghost towns and cemeteries come alive in a West gone horribly wrong". Spooky.

In other RDR news, earlier today Brad Pitt was rumoured to be in the frame for a film adaptation.

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