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Red Dead Online finally gets its Halloween Pass

UPDATE: And there's a creepy new mode.

UPDATE: It seems the Halloween Pass isn't the only thing Rockstar has in store for players in today's update, as the official newswire post has been published - and it details a brand new mode called Dead of Night.

This one sees four teams fight for survival "against each other and The Dead". It sounds like a mixture of PvP and PvE, with players able to rack up points by killing zombies or other players. If you find a Night Stalker mask, this will allow you to take on unspecified "supernatural abilities" and gain a competitive edge. It's worth trying this out over the next seven days, as there's currently a triple payout and a special ammo care package for those who complete a round.

Elsewhere in Red Dead Online, fast travel is free until 26th October, while a couple of Halloween-themed critters are making their debut appearance. The Nightwalker Panther can be found near Bolger Glade, while the Ghost Panther will appear in Bluewater Marsh - and both can be brought to Gus if you fancy wearing them as a hat. Alternatively, it seems like Harriet has a brand new out-of-body quest for players, this time with a possum theme. To be honest, I think this is the true most terrifying experience in the update: imagine being trapped in possum form in a lobby full of aggressive players. Time to hide in a bin.

ORIGINAL STORY: Thanks to a leak that spilled the baked beans earlier this year, the addition of a Halloween Pass won't come as a surprise to most Red Dead Online players: but nonetheless, it is here, and you can now get your hands on some spooky treats.

The pass costs 15 gold bars, and contains 20 levels with a variety of rewards that can be unlocked with XP - including horse masks, mystical weapon variations, special camera backdrops and emotes. If you make it all the way to level 20, you can even get yourself a gothic renovation of the moonshine bar - although you'll also need to unlock the Moonshiner role to actually make use of this (which, you guessed it, also costs gold bars). Still, it's probably the only way I'm going to be able to host a Halloween party in 2020.

The pass is available until 16th November, so you have nearly a month to grind away at this one.

In other Red Dead Online news, it generally looks like the large lobbies of old have returned - disappointing some players who appreciated the sudden abundance of animals and random events found in the smaller lobbies. At least you now have a larger audience to show off your dirty hand wraps and blindfolds from the Halloween pass.

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