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Red Dead leads US half-year sales

Rockstar may grin, but Nintendo guffaws.

The best selling game in the US from January to June was Red Dead Redemption, according to new NPD numbers.

In that time, Rockstar's Western has sold nearly 2.5m units.

Combined PS3 and Xbox 360 sales of Red Dead Redemption held off tenacious competition from New Super Mario Bros. Wii, which unsurprisingly dominated the individual platform chart.

Activision's record-breaking Modern Warfare 2 (released in 2009) took third place, followed by rival Battlefield: Bad Company 2 in fourth. Let's see EA twist those numbers.

Wii Fit Plus rounded out the top five.

In the individual platform sales chart, games for Nintendo platforms dominated seven of the 10 places. NSMBWii was first, Pokemon SoulSilver second, Red Dead Redemption third, God of War III fourth and Wii Fit Plus fifth.

From there, Wii Sports Resort was sixth, Pokemon HeartGold seventh, Modern Warfare 2 (360) eighth, Just Dance ninth and Super Mario Galaxy 2 10th.

So, no Final Fantasy XIII, no Mass Effect 2, no Heavy Rain and no Super Street Fighter IV.