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ReCore's new trailer does a good job of showcasing Metroid Prime dev's next game

And something about it that's not so great.

There's not been that much fanfare over ReCore, the Xbox One and PC exclusive that's coming primarily from Armature and that's being directed by the talent behind the legendary Metroid Prime series. Which is something of a shame - having played it for a short while I think it's got the capacity to be a pleasant surprise when it comes out in a few weeks time.

The new Gamescom might do a better job at selling people on it, as it does a pretty good job of showcasing the exploration and combat as well as ReCore's winningly bright visual style.

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It does showcase something else, though: an absolutely awful jump animation, which seems like something of a shame when much of your time exploring is spent jumping and double-jumping around the place. Is it too late to put in something a little more weighty in there? Given that ReCore's out on September 13th it probably is, though I'd be more than happy to see something a little less limp in its place. Still, there remains a lot to like about ReCore.