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R-Type Tactics sequel announced

Subtitled Operation Bitter Chocolate.

1up reports that Irem is to make a sequel to R-Type Tactics (R-Type Command in the Americas), last year's turn-based PSP curio.

R-Type Tactics II: Operation Bitter Chocolate - yes, really - will be released for PSP in Japan on October 29th. There are no known plans for a US or European release yet. Rising Star Games brought the first game to Europe.

Following the original's controversial departure from side-scrolling shooting to turn-based strategy, Operation Bitter Chocolate makes another change: rather than portraying humanity's struggle against the Bydo aliens, as all previous R-Type games have done, it will depict a war between two human factions.

Gameplay will be more or less the same, only with more units and abilities. That's not altogether a bad thing, going by our review of the first R-Type Tactics.