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Puzzle game Viewfinder gets PS5 demo and release date

Caught my eye.

First-person puzzler Viewfinder now has a release date and a demo on PlayStation 5.

The game will release on 18th July and a demo is available to test right now. The news was shared on the PlayStation Blog by Sad Owl Studios director Gwen Foster, along with some new details on the game.

Viewfinder is also set for release on PC via Steam, but the release date is yet to be updated.

Viewfinder - Announcement Trailer | PS5 & PS4 GamesWatch on YouTube

A demo for Viewfinder was previously released on Steam as part of the Steam Puzzle Fest, which I had a great time playing.

It's an innovative puzzle game where players imprint photos on the world to step into and progress. Later they're equipped with a camera with which to snap the world and then place it somewhere else, all playing with perspective.

There's also a rewind mechanic, in case you make any mistakes.

As Foster explained: "Having a camera, taking photos, and placing things randomly in space to alter reality is very exciting and amusing. But we were very mindful that placing found objects in new spaces also meant destroying what was previously there. Things can get complicated and confusing, especially if you accidentally delete something."

The game, while abstract, is also full of real world objects to ground players. Said Foster: "Viewfinder gameplay became this unique experience that can only exist in the video game medium. Because it is so absurd, weird and far removed from reality, we wanted to ground it with things from the real world. The space you're exploring should feel lived in and real."

Foster also confirmed you can pet the cat. And it's not just for some cute purring: your companion will assist with puzzle solving too.

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