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PS Plus owners of Final Fantasy 7 Remake get free PS5 upgrade this week

It's all in the cloud.

PlayStation Plus subscribers who previously redeemed a digital copy of Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be able to upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version from Wednesday at no extra cost.

The enhanced version released in June and was a free upgrade for paid owners of the game, but not for players who scored their copy through PlayStation Plus.

The game was part of the PlayStation Plus lineup in March, so if you didn't redeem it then, unfortunately you can't take part in the upgrade,

Cover image for YouTube videoFinal Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade: PS5 vs PS4 Pro - A Brilliant Next-Gen Upgrade!

Additionally, the Intermission DLC featuring Wutai operative Yuffie Kisaragi will be 25% off.

The PS5 upgrade offers a native 2160p presentation at 30fps or a slightly lower 1512p at a smooth 60fps, as well as enhanced texture quality and speedier loading times.

In a big surprise, the game also released on PC last week, although initial reports on the port have been mixed.

"An expansive remake that treads carefully upon this most cherished of games, though some blunders will linger long in the memory," wrote Aofie in her review of the remake.