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PS Eye gets price, date

Early November for a pony.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation Eye will be out in Europe on 7th November.

It will cost you GBP 24.99 and come bundled with a free copy of editing suite EyeCreate, which lets you snap pictures, video, and audio clips before saving them to your hard drive.

The new hardware also comes as part of The Eye of Judgement retail box, which will be out on 26th October. And Sony promises you will be able to claim a free copy of EyeCreate from the PlayStation Store using a magical code.

Thursday 25th October also sees the release of Eye compatible games Operation Create Feature, Aqua Vita and The Trials of Topoq, a game where you have to roll a ball around maps using your body as the controller.

The PlayStation Eye has four-times the resolution, twice the frame-rate and double the sensitivity of the EyeToy on PS2, as well as a powerful microphone that can focus on certain audio inputs like you - discarding the need for a separate headset to communicate.

You can see it in action on Eurogamer TV, showing off its stop-motion capabilities, or pop into our PS Eye gallery to see what it looks like.

Keep an, er, eye out for our Eye of Judgement review soon.

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