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Eye of Judgement dated

PlayStation Eye title due worldwide in autumn.

Sony Japan has revealed that camera-based PlayStation 3 title Eye of Judgement will be released worldwide in the autumn.

An announcement on the firm's Japanese website says as much, and reveals that the game bundle will include the PlayStation Eye camera, a camera stand, game mat and starter deck.

That's because Eye of Judgement is a sort of card game, where the camera registers a card held under it and makes its contents appear on screen. In the demo version at E3 last year, the player was able to hold a card in his hand and have a monster spawn in it on-screen. It was all a bit Monster Chess.

Fortunately it doesn't sound like we'll have to wait that much longer to see how Sony's built on that intriguing premise.

For more on Eye of Judgement, check out our screenshot gallery.

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