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Eye of Judgement online play terminated

A minute's silence, please.

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Sony has decided to discontinue online support for 2007 PlayStation 3 title Eye of Judgement.

The PlayStation Eye/trading card hybrid will see its last online game on 30th September this year.

Offline play will, of course, remain available.

"We at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe sincerely thank you for your continued support of The Eye of Judgement," said a moderator on the official European PlayStation forums.

"The online battle service for this product will terminate on 30 September 2010. Offline play will remain available even after the conclusion of online service."

Eye of Judgement was released in Europe in October 2007, a year after the release of the PS3 itself.

Using the PlayStation Eye, trading cards are scanned into the game and used to spawn units of battle.

Head over to Ellie's review from way back in 2007 to find out why Eye of Judgement isn't bad at all.

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