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Pokémon Sleep rewarding players for 10m slumber-inducing downloads

Bed and butter.

Pokémon slumber party
Image credit: The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Sleep, the new nap-tracking app that hopes to help us all catch some Zzzzs as well as some Pokémon, has hit 10m downloads. That's across iOS and Android.

To commemorate this milestone, the Pokémon team is rewarding all users with a special gift.

How To Play Pokémon Sleep.Watch on YouTube

If you are one of those partaking 10 million slumberers, head over to the app now and make sure you have it updated to version 1.0.6. Then, you should be able to find this gift of 1000 Sleep Points, one Good Camp Ticket, three Ingredient Tickets and five Poké Biscuits. Lovely.

In addition, this update also includes some general bug fixes for the app. Rather welcomely, it also adds a night mode for those bright loading screens, and more graphic quality levels.

Version 1.0.6 also increases "conditions for meeting a bedtime" and while I don't know exactly what that means in terms of specifics, perhaps it will address those who were cheating the system a bit.

Soon after Pokémon Sleep made its debut, several users began 'speedrunning' the game-inspired napper app. By this, I mean they were pretending to sleep for periods of 90 minutes, and then changing the dates on their phones so they could swiftly record another 90 minutes of slumber, and so on and so on.

As reported back in July, this allowed these tricksters to rack up rewards for recording a week's worth of sleep (albeit no less than 90 minutes at a time) in just a few hours. This may seem like an odd thing to try and speedrun, but there was a perfectly reasonable reason for this mischief - it would eventually unlock a Snorlax in a costume in Pokémon Go. So, understandable.

Meanwhile, if you are still unsure if this nighttime app is for you, our Tom went to bed in the name of science earlier this year, and tested out Pokémon Sleep. You can read his thoughts here.

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