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Sleep tracking app Pokémon Sleep is now available in Europe

Gotta catch those winks.

Pokémon Sleep.
Image credit: The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Sleep, the new Pokémon-themed sleep tracker app for iOS and Android, is now available to download in Europe.

It's been something of a long road to Pokémon Sleep's release - the app was first announced back in 2019, when it was expected to launch the following year - but it's now finally here, giving users tools to track the length and quality of their sleep, and - crucially, given it's the whole hook of the thing - gather in-game Pokémon based on the success of their slumber.

Depending on the categories of sleep players manage to achieve during their downtime - "dozing", "snoozing" or "slumbering", for instance - they're able to attract different sets of Pokémon, and the whole process is overseen by new Pokémon professor, Neroli.

How to play Pokémon Sleep.Watch on YouTube

Pokémon Sleep makes use of either a smartphone or the new Pokémon Go Plus + accessory, which is set near the sleeper's pillow overnight, and the data generated while asleep can be checked in the morning, all recorded in Neroli's Sleep Style Dex. The more sleep players get, the bigger Snorlax - unsurprisingly the mascot for Pokémon Sleep - becomes, unlocking more possible sleep styles and associated Pokémon to discover.

Additionally, those that opt to use the Pokémon Go Plus + accessory - which launches this Friday, 21st July for £49.99 - can earn special bonuses in Pokémon Go, including Special Research tasks and a nightcap-wearing Pikachu.

If you're curious to learn more about Pokémon Sleep, Eurogamer editor-in-chief Tom Philips recently went to bed in the name of science, sharing his thoughts on the app sometime after.

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