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Pokémon Presents livestream set for 27th February

Celebrating Pokémon Day.

The next Pokémon Presents livestream will take place on Pokémon Day - that's 27th February.

The livestream will be on the official Pokémon YouTube channel at 2pm UK time.

It will last for 20 minutes and will include "exciting Pokémon news in celebration of Pokémon Day 2023".

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So what can we expect?

Perhaps most likely is DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. The Pokémon Company set a new precedent with Sword and Shield which received two DLC expansions - will we get the same again?

Some news on a performance patch would also be welcome, after Nintendo apologised for issues following release. The game was just recently updated with bug fixes, though performance wasn't listed in the patch notes - more is expected in future.

A new Pokémon Together website has launched, promising that this Pokémon Day "Trainers from around the world will come together to celebrate their love of Pokémon". There's an accompanying YouTube video too.

What are you hoping to see during this Pokémon Presents livestream?

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