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Pokémon players are 'kissing' their Meowscaradas

When drawing fan art just isn't enough...

If you thought Pokémon Scarlet and Violet had been mined of all its weird, buggy content - well, here's another one for you. Players have discovered you can kiss your Meowscarada. Or at least make Meowscarada lean in and call it a kiss.

In what was presumably an oversight from the developers at Game Freak - and not intentional - fans have found you can align your character and Meowscarada just a little too well, allowing for a kiss-like interaction when out picnicking.

Why would you want to kiss Meowscarada? Well, when its design leaked shortly before launch, people quickly made hordes of fan art, some of which was not particularly wholesome or Safe For Work.

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When you set up a picnic, you can talk to your Pokémon as they potter about outside of their Pokéballs. When you do so, they have a short animation and hearts will appear as a rough estimation of your friendship level. Meowscarada also performs a slight lean forwards with its head and, unfortunately, the player model is just the right height for that lean to land smack dab on your face.

The hearts popping up do not help.

So yes, some people saw this and thought it looked like a kiss, and now people can "kiss" the unnecessarily sexy cat Pokémon. As far as I'm aware, Meowscarada is the only Pokémon this works on, for lack of a better word, as it depends on the height of the Pokémon and its animation. But you know what they say - where there's a will there's a way...

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