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Pokémon Go will let you catch Clone Pokémon for the first time

22 years after their movie debut.

Remember when we said February was probably Pokémon Go's busiest month ever, with half a dozen in-game events on the horizon? Well, here's another to add to your calendar on top of all that.

A week-long event scheduled for the end of the month will feature new Pokémon wearing party hats to celebrate the franchise's annual Pokémon Day on 27th February, as well as tie-ins to Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back - Evolution, the 3D film headed to Netflix at the same time.

Clone Pokémon were only ever seen in the franchise's first movie, and feature camo-like patterns.

Most notably, this event will see the first ever release of Clone Pokémon - creatures made by Mewtwo in the very first Pokémon movie. Originally shown 22 years ago, these anime creations have until now not been available in any Pokémon game.

All of this kicks off at 9pm UK time Tuesday, 25th February and runs until 9pm UK time Monday, 2nd March.

Armored Mewtwo - star of the film - will return to Legendary raids with the move Psystrike, while Clone Pokémon from the movie (Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise) will be released for the first time in four-star raids.

Elsewhere, Pikachu and Eevee wearing party hats will spawn in the wild - the latter being a new release. At the same time, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle wearing party hats will hatch from 7km eggs. All can be Shiny, and there's no word from developer Niantic on whether they'll be able to evolve. [UPDATE: Niantic has now told Eurogamer: "no evolve!"]

Throughout the event, you'll be able to conduct two special trades a day.

Finally, on Sunday 1st March, a raid day will be held between 2-5pm local time. Nidorino and Gengar wearing party hats will be on offer, and you'll get five free raid passes to take part. These can also be Shiny-possible.

It's intriguing to see Pokémon Go incorporate more from the franchise's anime side - even if this month now feels way, way too stacked up with things to keep Pokémon Go fans busy.