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Pokémon collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum opens later this month


Van Gogh's Sunflowers painting with Sunflora inserted in the middle as if it's sitting in the vase along with the other sunflowers
Image credit: The Pokémon Company, the Van Gogh Museum

The Pokémon Company has announced a new collaboration running at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam from 28th September.

More information on what fans can expect is "coming soon", as stated in the announcements from The Pokémon Company, though the teaser video for the event has some glimpses of what we might see.

Pikachu and Eevee are shown running through a field of sunflowers, against a backdrop of countryside and windmills, before the animation transforms into the art style of an oil painting with Vincent Van Gogh's signature brush strokes. Pikachu and Eevee turn to see the sunflowers have all turned into beaming Sunflora, and then we get a quick look at Van Gogh's famous Sunflowers painting but with Sunflora taking centre stage.

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Now I'm thinking about what other Pokémon - Van Gogh mashups there might be. Maybe Munchlax sneaking some spuds away from the table in The Potato Eaters? And after evolving, Snorlax could then retire to the Bedroom in Arles for a nap afterstocking up on carbs? Presumably there'll be some guest appearances in The Starry Night - my money is on Jirachi and Staryu. Or maybe a costumed Pinsir-nt Van Gogh as one of his self portraits?

I visited Amsterdam and the Van Gogh Museum earlier this year, but had I known Pokémon would be there in September I might have rearranged my trip to coincide with the event. Alas, it's probably for the best for my bank account, as I have no doubt there'll be some sort of adorable merchandise being sold there that'd wipe my wallet clean.

The collaboration will begin as players begin to explore the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet expansion, The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC Part One: The Teal Mask, which releases tomorrow.

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