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Pokémon Black/White gets Euro date

RPG collectathon due here before US.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

DS RPG sequel Pokémon Black/White will hit European store shelves from 4th March, according to Official Nintendo Magazine.

That's nearly six months after the game made its Japanese debut but two days before it arrives in the USA.

The latest entry in Nintendo's long-running series boasts a few relatively bold design tweaks for the famously conservative franchise, including all-new Pokémon to round up, a new visual approach and seasonal cycles.

The changes seem to have gone done very well in Japan. The twin games were the biggest selling titles of the year there, shifting a whopping 4.91 million units between them.

Eurogamer's Chris Schilling went hands-on with the title back in October and hailed its impressive depth. "If Pokémon really is a kids' game, growing up seems hugely overrated," he surmised.

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