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The best-sellers of Japan 2010 are...

Numbers aren't poky, man.

Sony's machines may win weekly battles in Japan, but it's Nintendo's consoles that won the 2010 war.

Enterbrain, owner of Famitsu, recorded 2.96 million sales of DS between 28th December 2009 and 26th December 2010 (via Andriasang). A mere 73,233 sales behind is PSP, with 2.89 million sales.

That gap widens to the third-place Wii (1.73 million) and fourth-place PS3 (1.59 million). Xbox 360 managed 208,790 sales.

Enterbrain also shows Pokemon Black/White as the best-selling game in Japan last year rather than Monster Hunter Freedom 3.

Those Pokemon games (two SKUs on DS) arrived in September and since then have amassed nearly 5 million sales (4.91 million)! Equally incredible was Monster Hunter Portable 3's sprint to 3.48 million sales after a 1st December launch.

Numbers for New Super Mario Bros. Wii in third are more realistic, standing at 1.60 million. Not bad for an old-timer, released March 2009.

Fourth to 10th are as follows: Wii Party (1.54 million), Dragon Quest VI (1.30 million), Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 (1.28 million), Friend Collection (1.20 million), Super Mario Galaxy 2 (900,539), Inazuma Eleven 3 Spark/Bomber (890,440), Wii Fit Plus (849,664).

Pokemon Black and White is US-bound.