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PlayStation Stars launches in Europe on 13th October

Stars in my eyes.

Sony has confirmed the release dates of its PlayStation Stars loyalty programme across the world.

The programme launches today in Asia, before being rolled out to the Americas on 5th October and in Europe on 13th October.

We got a sneak peak of how the programme works earlier this month in the State of Play, and Sony has given us additional details today.

Players can earn rewards by completing a variety of campaigns and activities. These will vary in difficulty, from simply playing any game in a month, to earning a specific trophy or be one of the first players in a region to earn a platinum trophy.

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PlayStation Stars will primarily be accessible via the PlayStation App on iOS and Android, but you can also access it through the PlayStation website.

The programme will also have four "status levels" which will give players access to higher perks and benefits.

Somewhat controversially, VGC reports that in Japan, Level 4 status members will be given priority access to customer support.

This comes as the company ended one-to-one customer support for PlayStation customers on Twitter.

It's unclear at this time as to whether the same benefit will be available in other regions. Eurogamer has asked Sony for comment.

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