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Try the creepy Little Nightmares in a web demo

Perfect for the kids before bedtime.

Kids all ready for bed? Don't bother with a bedtime story, have them play the browser demo for Little Nightmares instead. No of course it's not really creepy - would I do that to you?!

Tricked you! Of course I would! Of course it's scary! Little Nightmares is weird and twisted, a game about a tiny girl escaping a dank house of horrors. It oozes menace, from the fat, wheezing, Playdough-faced chef, to the blood-smeared walls and unseen monster in a sea of old shoes. It's incredibly stylish - a thing of nightmares.

The interactive browser demo restricts your control to picking from a few movement options in each scene and then the action plays out accordingly. You can choose wrongly and end up dead. Give it a shot! I got to the sea of shoes.

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Little Nightmares is made by Swedish developer Tarsier Studios, which has done a lot of work with Media Molecule in the past, bringing LittleBigPlanet to Vita and Tearaway to PS4.

Little Nightmares is due out spring 2017 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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