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Play Dark Souls 3's English version now on Xbox One

PS4 import is only available in Japanese.

Dark Souls 3 launched in Japan today and a loophole has been discovered allowing players to purchase the game's English version on Xbox One, regardless of location.

As spotted by NeoGAF user bidguy, Xbox One players can acquire the game using the following five steps:

  1. Make a new account based in Japan.
  2. Purchase Xbox credit from the Microsoft Store in Yen.
  3. Buy Dark Souls 3 using a Japanese address. Any Japanese address, so long as it's real.
  4. Now set your Xbox region to where you live.
  5. Download the game and enjoy!

Several Redditers have verified that this works.

It's worth nothing that you only get the English language version so long as you switch to an English-speaking region prior to your download on Xbox One. Comparatively, purchasing the Japanese version on PS4 means you'll have to play the game only with its native language intact.

There's a very real possibility that Bandai Namco or Microsoft could revoke access to the game, so it's not fool proof. Plus there's the risk this trick could stop working between steps two and three, leaving you with a lighter wallet in lieu of a full game's worth of Xbox credit on your dummy account.

If you would prefer to play Dark Souls 3 on PS4 or PC - or simply don't want to go through this complex process on Xbox One - it will be properly released worldwide on 12th April.

Lets us know if you try this and how it works for you in the comments.