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Pick up the 512GB Samsung Evo Plus microSD card for just £27 at Amazon

Almost half of its MSRP.

The 512GB Samsung Evo Plus MicroSD card on a blue background.
Image credit: Samsung/Eurogamer

It's really easy to give your Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch a storage boost thanks to the wide range of microSD cards available, and much more affordable too with so many regular discounts.

Speaking of, right now there's a discount on the excellent Samsung Evo Plus 512GB microSD card on Amazon, which has brought the card to nearly half of its regular MSRP:

Samsung Evo Plus 512GB microSD card - £27 at Amazon UK (was £29)

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This deal comes from a third-party seller, 'Blue-Fish', on Amazon. This seller has a 94 per cent positive rating in the last 12 months with over 600 ratings, so there should be no reason to worry about ordering this card from them.

If you're in the US, you can pick up the card for $34 from Amazon US, also a great price for the size and speed you're getting.

The Samsung Evo Plus 512GB microSD card is a mainstay in the lists of best SD card for the Steam Deck and the best SD cards for the Nintendo Switch, so whichever handheld console you like to game with you can grab a good deal.

The Evo Plus has a maximum read speed of 130MB/s, which is one of the fastest sequential speeds available in microSD cards at this price point. The card also has that A2 rating indicating it has minimum 4K IOPS random speeds, which help with loading times for games.

The real attraction is the 512GB capacity, which tends to be the size that offers the best value when it comes to handheld storage. For reference, a Switch game like Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom needs 16.3GB of storage, and the recently released Baldur's Gate 3 needs around 120GB for Steam Deck users, so this card is certainly going to help you out a lot there.

The Samsung Evo Plus 512GB microSD card is currently £52 on the official Samsung store, so now is the best time to pick up one of the best microSD cards for handheld consoles.

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