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Phoenix Wright 2 dated

For Europe in March.

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attourney - Justice for All will be released in Europe on 16th March.

The sequel will improve on the first game's courtroom conundrums by adding new "Psyche-Lock" and "Life-Bar" features.

The former will be handy when dealing with a hostile witness who is withholding the truth. String a series of questions together or pick up on inconsistencies to open up a "Psyche-Lock", and break the witness into a stumbling wreck.

However, fail to do this and your "Life-Bar" will empty, reducing your credibility with both the jury and the judge.

The sequel is set six months after the first game, and once again follows the young lawyer Phoenix Wright as flexes his legal might in four new cases.

Scrutinise the evidence for yourself, in our recent review of the game.

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