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Persona 3 Portable PSN date, price

Great PSP RPG for £24 soon.

The digital PSN release of Persona 3 Portable will happen on 7th September, Ghostlight has announced.

For the first two weeks on sale, the price will be £24/€30. After that, the price will be £28/€35.

Persona 3 Portable was released on UMD in April. Eurogamer wrote a Persona 3 Portable review back then.

"It all adds up to what's just about the definitive version of one of the finest role-players of the last five years," wrote reviewer Chris Schilling. "If Persona 3's central story doesn't quite live up to the intriguing murder-mystery of its successor - and the loss of the animated story sequences exacerbates this issue - then its side-stories are easily a match.

"Until Persona 4 Portable arrives, then, this may well be the finest RPG you can get on PSP, and a game that'll keep completists going until well into the winter months."

The score? A tell-your-neighbours 9/10.